Imperial Herald

The Decree of the Eye

For the protection of his Resplendent Majesty’s people, all Paxan with an open third eye shall be brought to an Imperial Hunter for cleansing by the Imperial Hounds or an Imperial Censor to receive the Vexarum, a mark denoting the acceptance and protection of the Imperial Koths.


Creatures of any race that demonstrate powers of Thought or Dream must also be presented to an Imperial Hunter or Censor for evaluation, failure to report or present open-eyed paxan or those who demonstrate powers of Thought or Dream shall be considered Treason.


It is well known that Paxan with an open third eye are extremely dangerous to those around them. Such beings manifest powers of the mind that they are incapable of fully controlling.  Eventually, the physical transformation that begins with the opening of the third eye gives way to a mental and spiritual transformation which leaves them completely devoid of emotion, unable to control their emotions or maddened.  Once a Paxan reaches one of later stages, no known magic, alchemy or process has been able to cure them of the condition.  Cleansing of the Imperial Hounds will remove the uncontrolled powers of the mind that accompany the condition, but the Paxan remains changed, a shell of their former self.” -Archduchess Rhal

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