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Archduke Ammertus to tour the Colonies in the Sea of Storms

Despite the inclement weathers of late, Archduke Ammertus has set sail from Kingstones on Tynvaal in Ikenheim upon the Black Ship Tempest captained by Cassius Warwave, one of the famed Aquanesti of the Sea of Light in central Koth, to tour the Colonies of Koth throughout the Sea of Storms. This tour will take most of the winter months and bring his Dread Grace to the Colony of Emberal where he led the Eternal Empire to victory over the Blightstorm Armada and took the Corona of the Isle as his Imperial Consort, begetting High Lord Tyvidan Starfire. While touring the Colonies, his Dread Grace will collect the tribute of the islands for His Resplendent Majesty.

“We plan to make procession to each of our colonies across this Urth in the coming years to bring together the peoples of the Eternal Empire in body, mind and spirit. Rejoice for you shall soon bask in the glory of Koth!” – Archduke Ammertus

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