Pub Crawls

We will be beginning a new activity on the forums called a Pub Crawl beginning on August 9th, 2015. Each week, a character will appear in a local pub for the characters of forum members to interact with. The interactions will be In Character and In Time with the DragonCrest world. The featured character will provide answers and information for the duration of their visit which will typically be for the whole week. We will make sure to include VIP or Marquee characters every month! Some you have seen before in the game or in the books, some are completely new. Be on the look out for surprise visits to pubs around the colony.

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Pictures on FB

Howdy gang! is live. I’m putting up pictures that remind me of places in the Dragon Crest universe, and I invite you to do the same. If you see a picture that reminds you of a person, place, or thing on Urth, share it with the rest of us! Like this one…fantasy castle…built in the style of giant architecture. The Giants of Ymir grew incredibly delicate and strong stone arches and then built bridges, roads, castles, and even entire cities on them.

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Release Date for THE DREAMING HUNT!

A tentative release date for the second Dragon Crest novel, THE DREAMING HUNT, was announced by Tor this week. Mark your calendar for September 2016! A sneak peek excerpt is posted in the book section of

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Sleeping King at ComiCons

Bill and I just got our advance review copies of THE SLEEPING KING, and part of the packaging of these books is information about the marketing campaign Tor has planned for the book. It mentioned that THE SLEEPING KING will be promoted at both New York ComiCon in October and San Diego ComiCon next June!

If you’re going to be in New York October 8-11, 2015, stop by the Tor booth and say hi to us. Bill and I will undoubtedly do some sort of signing during the con…as we get dates, times, and places, we’ll let you know. This would be a great time to dust off your old character costumes and come DC cos-play, too.

Hope to see you there…

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Re-Set Info on the Forum

Important information for returning players of Dragon Crest regarding the re-set of the Dragon Crest universe is posted on the chat forum in the Behind the Scenes Discussion board.

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March 13 Update

This website is taking shape, and lots of links are going live, including the wiki, chat forum, and even a fan fiction board! The SLEEPING KING cover has been revealed, and Bill’s hard at work on the beta rules and character creator tools.

Be sure to check out the in-story news areas…the Imperial Herald for news across the Empire, the Hael Fellow Wall for local news from Haelos, and the Koth and Kin’s Tavern Wall for local news pertaining to Koth. Every day or two, posts are going live on one or more of the tavern walls.

Stay tuned for the wiki  to start populating with entries and for the chat forum to go live…

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Feb 2015 Update

We’re closing in on the launch of a whole bunch of exciting new stories and opportunities to interact with the Dragon Crest world, and this is the place to do it! Very soon, we should have online forums up and running where you can chat, interact with other story characters, or post your own fiction and art. We also will have an interactive Wiki where any character can share information about anything and everything (and everyone) in the Dragon Crest universe. Beta testing on a character creation database and online modules should begin soon, as well.

The first Dragon Crest book, THE SLEEPING KING, is due out in September. Bill is hard at work on a universal rules system that will work equally well in any format–tabletop, online, or a live experience. Cindy’s hard at work on the second Dragon Crest novel, and Bill and Cindy are both at work developing several surprise projects…stay tuned for announcements! About an hour east of Dallas, Texas, construction is under way on a permanent site for Dragon Crest live story experiences. backup/

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