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The Decree of the Eye

For the protection of his Resplendent Majesty’s people, all Paxan with an open third eye shall be brought to an Imperial Hunter for cleansing by the Imperial Hounds or an Imperial Censor to receive the Vexarum, a mark denoting the acceptance and protection of the Imperial Koths.


Creatures of any race that demonstrate powers of Thought or Dream must also be presented to an Imperial Hunter or Censor for evaluation, failure to report or present open-eyed paxan or those who demonstrate powers of Thought or Dream shall be considered Treason.


It is well known that Paxan with an open third eye are extremely dangerous to those around them. Such beings manifest powers of the mind that they are incapable of fully controlling.  Eventually, the physical transformation that begins with the opening of the third eye gives way to a mental and spiritual transformation which leaves them completely devoid of emotion, unable to control their emotions or maddened.  Once a Paxan reaches one of later stages, no known magic, alchemy or process has been able to cure them of the condition.  Cleansing of the Imperial Hounds will remove the uncontrolled powers of the mind that accompany the condition, but the Paxan remains changed, a shell of their former self.” -Archduchess Rhal

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Wanted- Mark of Fate

In the name of His Resplendent Majesty Maximmillian III, Emperor of the Eternal Empire of Koth, Grand Inquisitor Laernan Zaphre offers a Living Bounty of 10 Golden Laurels for those found with the Mark of Fate. Such a mark is a magical symbol much like a Slave Mark or a Death Mark in the form of a stylized symbol of infinity or conjoined circles. Should the person also be proven to have a viable gift of prophesy, the Living Bounty shall be extended to 50 Golden Laurels. Such determination shall be at the sole discretion of the Imperial Hunters and Censors.


Those who possess the Mark of Fate have aligned with a being known as the Mistress of Fate, who is believed to be a Fae of tremendous power and unknown purpose. Those who bear such a mark are oft referred to as “Children of Fate” and are to be considered extremely dangerous. Many of those marked have been linked to highly suspicious and potentially treasonous activities throughout the Empire.
Be aware that falsifying a Mark of Fate or harboring those so marked from His Resplendent Majesty’s representatives shall be met with dire consequences.


“A true Mark of Fate is a rare phenomenon. These so called ‘Children of Fate’ have become embroiled in many plots and movements across the Eternal Empire over the years. If their Mistress be a friend of Koth, then in the name of His Resplendent Majesty, I invite her to make herself known to us. If she be a foe of Koth, I tell her that there will be no time or place safe from the Black Flame.”- Fae Hunter Kestra

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HiResIn the name of his Resplendent Majesty Maximillian III, Eternal Ruler of Koth
Be it known to all the peoples of Koth that Grand Marshal Korovo and the Council of Kings do establish the 10000 Day Levy.

For the glory of his Majesty and the security of his people, the Kingdoms, Territories, Colonies and Guilds of Koth shall provide additional forces to serve the Imperial Legions for a period of 10000 days.

These forces shall number an additional 10000 spirits strong per annum for each of the Kingdoms, Territories, Colonies and Guilds.

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News from Imperial Province of Waelan

            Vorta Hy’renn, Mistress of the Imperial Mages Guild of Rignhal within the Coppervales of Groenn’s Rest in eastern Koth, reports that the Windguard continue to fight the oppressive Konal Storms of the western Sea of Storms made bold by the cycling of the Vestrael winds.  Although routing the Scythial trade winds to the southeast has mitigated the force, this has been the worst winter storm season since the coming of the Nightgales circa MIII 1469.  Mistress Hy’renn also notes that the Rigngata, the great copper gates made to contain and distribute the rainwater, are overflowing with the fast melting snow and continual rainfall across the region.


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