News from Haelos

//News from Haelos

Wanted- The Hexyn

A Living Bounty of 25 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers for any of the Six, leaders of the Hexyn.

A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers and Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning how the Hexyn magically mark their targets or how they track their markings.

A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the House of the Healing Heart and the Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning the strange curses that the Hexyn are able to inflict upon their victims.

A Tribute Free reward is offered by the Imperial Guild of Merchants for the return of property taken by the Hexyn. The value of the reward is directly related to the value of the returned merchandise.

The Hexyn are a coalition of robber barons that use a mark known as the Sign of the Six to magically and physically mark their targets, from creatures to objects. It is commonly believed that black marks are an indication that the Hexyn have targeted the affected creature or item with death and destruction. Red marks are believed to indicate some type of malady or curse will be visited upon the bearer while white marks seem to be an indication of favor by the group and are not harmed or destroyed in their raids.

The Hexyn are responsible to countless robberies, acts of destruction of property, freeing of slaves, assault and murder throughout the Gulf of Estarra over the years. Those marked by the Hexyn should seek aid with the Legion, Imperial Guilds and the House of the Healing Heart. Some marks seem to be mundane and can be removed with the proper application of alchemy. Other marks are magical and require varying degrees of magical skill to remove. The most powerful marks have required high magic to remove much like a Mark of Death or Slave Mark.

“While there are those who consider these brigands their benefactors, they are unpredictable and could turn on you for any reason. We have seen those we suspected of working with the Hexyn to be found dead with black marks of the Six upon their person. The magics that they employ are dangerous and unpredictable!”- Master Thade Contyr, Order of the Wheel

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Wanted- The Phlox

A Living Bounty of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers for any member of the Phlox who can summon a violet flame.


A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning how the Phlox summon and command their Fire Elementals known as the Burning Horde.


A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the House of the Healing Heart for verifiable information concerning if and how the Phlox are using the disease known as Burning Blood.
The Phlox are a renegade sect of fire aligned humanoids, believed to originally be outcasts from Pan Orda.  The Phlox claim act in the name of a fire elemental called Peryn, also known as the Royal Flame, who is a patron in the Diamonds of Aethrys.  Both Peryn and the Cantons of Aethrys have disavowed members of this sect.
The Phlox have been responsible for a number of wildfires in the Midlands, burning of farms, crops, livestock and even people throughout the area north of the Vine.  Violet flames have been seen in the Mosaic also known as the Arianna plains, south of the Vine as well.  Witnesses say that the elementals employed by the Phlox have a violet hue to their flames and that at some of the mages are capable of producing a similar flame with their magic.   Those that have a leadership position in the Phlox are known as Furors.  Rumors say that the Phlox can somehow spread the Burning Blood, a plague of Pan Ordan origin that causes the sick to literally burst into flames.

“I cannot understate the danger that the Phlox presents to the people of the colony.  The tactics employed by this foe are reprehensible!  Trust no one wielding violet flames.  General Itzliquauhtli has dispatched a special task force to deal with this threat.  Glory to Koth!”- Magus Arizara of the Haelan Legion

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Master of the Diamonds says “Come one, come all”

Greetings friends,

I am Bogatyr Tykin, Master of the Diamond for the Imperial Guild of Entertainers in the Colony of Dupree. You may know me as the “King of the Rift” or the “Blood King”. Half a world away when I was very young, I battled in the Diamonds of the Blue Rift of southwestern Koth. Were it not for an open invitation such as this, I might have wallowed in common servitude to the lumber yards of Ikantia or worse… Thus, I proclaim the Diamonds of Dupree open to all for the season throughout the landholds. Hopeful questers need only supply their skill and strength to compete. Victors may claim fame and glory in addition to trophies and gold. Champions will have the opportunity to represent Dupree in the Haelan Diamonds and possibly compete in the Imperial Seat itself!

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The Order of the Wheel commissioned by Governor

While masked runners continue to plague citizens throughout the colony, Governor Anton Constantine has taken a step to end this local brand of bandits. Earlier this season, Governor Constantine empowered the Order of the Wheel under Faridah Dunerider, Guildmistress of the Imperial Guild of Merchants in the colony of Dupree. The Order of the Wheel has been charged with enforcing Imperial law upon the roads, wild runs, waes and ktholes throughout the colony of Dupree. You will know a member of the order by the blazon of the Golden Wheel they wear upon their person.

“The Order of the Wheel will assist the Legion in routing out these runners. The miscreants will be marked, chained and sold to recoup the cost of their crimes. Those that resist their penance will be made examples so that all will know that the price of sedition is blood.” -Governor Anton Constantine


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Climbing the Vine begins

The annual Climbing the Vine race has begun. The Climb starts at the mouth of the Vine river and ends at the root in the Green Sea. Racers row their boats upstream through 100 leagues of dangers including fierce green renders, argillan serpents, Wildvine greenskins and vicious elementals. While the Vine is too shallow for deep draft ships of the Aethrys and Haelan Navies and ships of war are banned by the Ruzlani Accords, plenty of guild and private ships sail the green wae. More than 500 teams from across the colonies and a few wealthier or accomplished contestants from Koth, Pan Orda and even Mindor will participate in this event over the midsummer’s fortnight. Teams may not leave their vessels for any reason lest they be disqualified. The cord will be cut by Admiral Irrin Koza of the Haelan Fleet from Fleuran, Verath and Navarch Lysar of the Tethan Tides in Riparos. The winner of the Climb is granted free passage on the river for the next year, entry in the Diamonds at Axum and Dupree and a purse of 25 Golden Laurels and 25 Ordan Elan.

“I fully expect that the citizens of the Eternal Empire will claim victory! My son, Kevik is a three time champion of this race. To all who dare, may your blades drink deeply, your body never tire and your lines be true!” -Admiral Irrin Koza

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The Crimson Caravan arrives in the Valelands

Crimson’s caravan reported its arrival in Glennyth, Strathewen for high summer. Since its humble beginnings as a single crimson covered wagon after the Green Fires, Crimson’s caravan boasts some of the finest travelling merchants and goods in all the colony. But, the caravan is not just a set of shops and wares; plays, musicians, scholars and a traveling Diamond accompany this magnificent collection across the colony. Locals are welcome to setup shop or perform in the bazaars with a guild writ. Scarlet, the proprietor of the caravan, even hosts a competition for entry where she sponsors and pays the guild dues for the winners.   Questing victors are allowed to accompany the caravan until they are defeated or the caravan arrives in a town hosting one of the championship events.

“We came from humble beginnings. Hard work after the Green Fire let us buy our first wagon. My father wanted to my brother Geord to take over his business when the time came, so he named his business Crim and Sons. Unfortunately, Geord was taken when those forsaken runners came out of the woods. When my father passed, I changed the name of the caravan and put the crimson covers on all of our wagons to honor their memory.   We in the Guild have been working diligently with the legion and the Miners to complete the Belt. Between that and the paving of the Runs, we will all be more prosperous and see safer travels. Be sure to see the Raining Spaulders while we are here, they are spectacular. ” -Scarlet Crim, Mistress of the Roads for Imperial Guild of Merchants

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Wanted- The Whistler

A Living Bounty of 10 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers.

A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered  by the Imperial Guild of Foresters and the Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning how the Whistler commands and communicates with his animals.

Believed to be responsible for a multitude of attacks upon the servants of His Resplendant Majesty Maximillian III, the Whistler has used animals to attack many guild operated farms and mines.  He or she seems to control different animals though an unknown means to attack guild members and legionnaires.  Thus far the Whistler has employed, long haired yeren, ridgecombed galareen, angorian alligators, sand wolves and spinned hawks.

Witnesses report a person of childlike stature believed to be of fae or wandrakin in origin.  The whistler has been seen a number of times wearing a feathered pilaeus-like hat.  He or she is considered extremely dangerous and sightings should be reported to your nearest imperial guildhouse or legionnaire.

“The fun and games will soon be over for this cretin.  Better brush up on your dirges little one.  Whether it be the circus, the noose, the chain or the hundred cuts, you will be silenced!”- Guildmaster Kenzarr Devereaux of the Imperial Guild of Slavers

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Construction nears completion on the next notch in Meren’s Belt

Despite the long winter and continued harassment by seditious elements, the Imperial Miner’s Guild nears completion of the latest notch of Meren’s Belt.  Perhaps the largest project undertaken in all of the colonies of Koth to date, Meren’s Belt will ring the entire Gulf of Estarra a span of more than 750 leagues.  This Waestone road will allow swift overland travel across the colony from Dupree in the Lochlands to Dumaw in the Fen Reach.  A trek that once took travelers over 1000 leagues through difficult terrain, dangerous regions and more than 6 months to complete will now be securely within the Imperial held lands, scenic, and swift.  Those that travel the Belt will be able to make the trip in less than 3 months, travelling through the coastal Landsgraves and avoid traversing the Merr held waters and their tariffs.  The impressive feat of Imperial engineering and determination has now passed successfully passed through the wonderous cave city of Kahfes, Hari within the Golden Thirst.  The next notch of Meren’s Belt will pass through the Sorrowwoods and finally on to the coast in the Fen Reaches.  Let it be known that this is an Imperial Passage and each notch in Meren’s Belt requires tribute to be paid to his Resplendant Majesty in the sum of 1 Silver Scepter.

“This great work is a testament to the power and majesty that Koth will bring to all of its colonies.  Our treaty with the Benthyrin Occaryn of the Bathoral Bryn’Var grants us rights to traverse and harvest resources within his desmesne, but Meren’s Belt will further connect Imperial lands beyond the Bonereef, granting more trade and transport options to the citizens of the Eternal Empire.  We have also employed the finest artisans to sculpt the Waestones into monuments, starting with Dupree’s Landing in the Lochlands.  I am told it is magnificent.  Our next project will be to pave the Wild Runs of the colony to bring faster travel to all citizens.”- Archduke Ammertus

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Harvests across the Gulf of Estarra continue to impress

Given the late start to the spring planting season many have concerns about the fate of this year’s harvests, but Mistress Avelyn Roth of the Imperial Forester’s Guild quartered in Galluso, reports that the full resources of the guild have cooperated with farmers across the Meadowlands to plant the fields in record time.  Fair weather across the Gulf of Estarra continues to improve the outlook for a spectacular fall harvest and wonderful color across the region.

Roth, Mistress of the Fields of Rhead, is no stranger to the Haelan Colonies.  Having proven her skill in the fields of Alscae, north of the green mountains of Groenn’s Rest and south of the Sand Seas of Scythia, for sixty successful harvests, Mistress Roth helped bring the fields of the Meadowlands back from the devastation of the Green Fires.

“We have the best seed on Urth, a great green living land beneath us, clean clear waters and the smiles of Samuale, what more could we ask for?” – Avelyn Roth, Mistress of the Fields of the Imperial Guild of Foresters


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