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Climbing the Vine begins

The annual Climbing the Vine race has begun. The Climb starts at the mouth of the Vine river and ends at the root in the Green Sea. Racers row their boats upstream through 100 leagues of dangers including fierce green renders, argillan serpents, Wildvine greenskins and vicious elementals. While the Vine is too shallow for deep draft ships of the Aethrys and Haelan Navies and ships of war are banned by the Ruzlani Accords, plenty of guild and private ships sail the green wae. More than 500 teams from across the colonies and a few wealthier or accomplished contestants from Koth, Pan Orda and even Mindor will participate in this event over the midsummer’s fortnight. Teams may not leave their vessels for any reason lest they be disqualified. The cord will be cut by Admiral Irrin Koza of the Haelan Fleet from Fleuran, Verath and Navarch Lysar of the Tethan Tides in Riparos. The winner of the Climb is granted free passage on the river for the next year, entry in the Diamonds at Axum and Dupree and a purse of 25 Golden Laurels and 25 Ordan Elan.

“I fully expect that the citizens of the Eternal Empire will claim victory! My son, Kevik is a three time champion of this race. To all who dare, may your blades drink deeply, your body never tire and your lines be true!” -Admiral Irrin Koza

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