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Construction nears completion on the next notch in Meren’s Belt

Despite the long winter and continued harassment by seditious elements, the Imperial Miner’s Guild nears completion of the latest notch of Meren’s Belt.  Perhaps the largest project undertaken in all of the colonies of Koth to date, Meren’s Belt will ring the entire Gulf of Estarra a span of more than 750 leagues.  This Waestone road will allow swift overland travel across the colony from Dupree in the Lochlands to Dumaw in the Fen Reach.  A trek that once took travelers over 1000 leagues through difficult terrain, dangerous regions and more than 6 months to complete will now be securely within the Imperial held lands, scenic, and swift.  Those that travel the Belt will be able to make the trip in less than 3 months, travelling through the coastal Landsgraves and avoid traversing the Merr held waters and their tariffs.  The impressive feat of Imperial engineering and determination has now passed successfully passed through the wonderous cave city of Kahfes, Hari within the Golden Thirst.  The next notch of Meren’s Belt will pass through the Sorrowwoods and finally on to the coast in the Fen Reaches.  Let it be known that this is an Imperial Passage and each notch in Meren’s Belt requires tribute to be paid to his Resplendant Majesty in the sum of 1 Silver Scepter.

“This great work is a testament to the power and majesty that Koth will bring to all of its colonies.  Our treaty with the Benthyrin Occaryn of the Bathoral Bryn’Var grants us rights to traverse and harvest resources within his desmesne, but Meren’s Belt will further connect Imperial lands beyond the Bonereef, granting more trade and transport options to the citizens of the Eternal Empire.  We have also employed the finest artisans to sculpt the Waestones into monuments, starting with Dupree’s Landing in the Lochlands.  I am told it is magnificent.  Our next project will be to pave the Wild Runs of the colony to bring faster travel to all citizens.”- Archduke Ammertus

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