Feb 2015 Update

We’re closing in on the launch of a whole bunch of exciting new stories and opportunities to interact with the Dragon Crest world, and this is the place to do it! Very soon, we should have online forums up and running where you can chat, interact with other story characters, or post your own fiction and art. We also will have an interactive Wiki where any character can share information about anything and everything (and everyone) in the Dragon Crest universe. Beta testing on a character creation database and online modules should begin soon, as well.

The first Dragon Crest book, THE SLEEPING KING, is due out in September. Bill is hard at work on a universal rules system that will work equally well in any format–tabletop, online, or a live experience. Cindy’s hard at work on the second Dragon Crest novel, and Bill and Cindy are both at work developing several surprise projects…stay tuned for announcements! About an hour east of Dallas, Texas, construction is under way on a permanent site for Dragon Crest live story experiences. backup/

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