In the next few months we will be putting up links to a variety of gaming portals into the Dragon Crest world. We are developing several tabletop campaigns that you will be able to download and play with with your friends. Later this year, we hope to┬ábegin offering online modules to anyone who’d like to game directly with the Dragon Crest creators and primary staff.

Part of the game rules will be a section that allows you to play Dragon Crest as a live-action game. You can download a live module and run it with as few or as many of your friends in your backyard, a nearby park, or even a remote campground.

These rules will also allow you to come to one of the Live Experience sites and play your character in a fully immersive Dragon Crest world for an entire weekend at a time. At Live Experiences, you can meet and interact with characters from the novels and with other characters you’ve met online.

Creating a single, unified set of rules that allow you to flow seamlessly from one gaming environment to another is an ambitious undertaking, so please be patient with us while we work out the kinks.

The Haelos Campaign









The Orda Campaign









The Koth Campaign