Live Experience

The DragonCrest world offers people a unique opportunity to actually experience it–to live in it for a few days at a time–at live-action story experiences. Below are links to chapters where you can interact with characters you know from the DragonCrest books, online world, and tabletop game. You can defeat monsters in simulated combat, make new discoveries about the world, and become a hero. And you never know…heroes in the live-action experience occasionally show up in the pages of DragonCrest books…

  • The rules are designed to provide the ability to transfer characters from the Tabletop to a Live Experience and back without modifications to the base skills.  Of course, there will need to be accommodations for the venue (tabletop will use dice where a live experience relies on physical actions).
  • Live Experience playtests are in the works as well.
  • Here is a small teaser: DCA Excerpt-Jann