Tabletop Experience

The development of the Tabletop Experience is well under way.  Here are a few pieces of information regarding the development.

  • The Tabletop rules are known as DragonCrest Accelerated and will use a modified version of the FATE RPG from Evil Hat.
    FATE ACCELERATED from Evil Hat Productions
  • The rules are designed to provide the ability to transfer characters from the tabletop to a Live Experience without modifications to the base skills.  Of course, there will need to be accommodations for the venue (tabletop will use dice where a live experience relies on physical actions).
  • I have been actively running a playtest campaign set in the frontier town of Five Falls in the eastern part of the Landsgrave of Lochnar at the feet of the mighty Heaves.
  • For now, here is a map of the playtest area until I can share more.