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Harvests across the Gulf of Estarra continue to impress

Given the late start to the spring planting season many have concerns about the fate of this year’s harvests, but Mistress Avelyn Roth of the Imperial Forester’s Guild quartered in Galluso, reports that the full resources of the guild have cooperated with farmers across the Meadowlands to plant the fields in record time.  Fair weather across the Gulf of Estarra continues to improve the outlook for a spectacular fall harvest and wonderful color across the region.

Roth, Mistress of the Fields of Rhead, is no stranger to the Haelan Colonies.  Having proven her skill in the fields of Alscae, north of the green mountains of Groenn’s Rest and south of the Sand Seas of Scythia, for sixty successful harvests, Mistress Roth helped bring the fields of the Meadowlands back from the devastation of the Green Fires.

“We have the best seed on Urth, a great green living land beneath us, clean clear waters and the smiles of Samuale, what more could we ask for?” – Avelyn Roth, Mistress of the Fields of the Imperial Guild of Foresters


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