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Heavy Sudrekkar raids continue across the Blue Rift region of Koth

The White Waters came early across the region, bringing the icefields of the Sea of Glass deep into the Blue Rift. With ice almost reaching the mouth of the Black Spears, rivers that run through Einnen’s Edge to the Rooks of Belbran, the barbarians have grown bold and raided north into Ikantia and Georwell. Sudrekkar raids are a fact of life in Snovaal, Ikenheim off the southeast coast of Koth, but we have not seen incursions this deep since the coming Hoarduun’s Breath in the time of Maximillian I. Then, the Southern Fleet of White Ships were decimated, leading to the creation of the Icerims which were used to repel and hunt the Sudrekkar tribes under the banner of Kulkainen into the deep Glimmar. The legion of Archduke Berreth out of Canute and the legion of Archduchess Phendra out of Vydar have been dispatched in full force to meet the raiders. The entire Strazmor, an elite force of Georwellian legionnaires, have been called to duty to guard the Georgan Gates of the Icebridge and the southern coast of Georwell against incursions while the Icerim seek the leaders on the Sea of Glass. All guildsmen of the Rift region have been called to service and the Grand Marshal Korovo, Archduchess Phendra and Archduke Berreth have arrived in Belbran to coordinate the efforts.

“I will take the field personally against these animals of the south and we will have our justice for their crimes. Any who dare touch a citizen of Koth will be slain, any who stand on Koth soil will be laid low and their leaders … torched.” – Grand Marshal Korovo as he displayed his personal Torchbearer to the people of Belbran.

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