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Ironclaw prices will soar

With the winter season of ironclaw fishing at its peak in the eastern Blue Rift region, early reports are very light from the Imperial Guild of Foresters. Ironclaw are a breed of crabs that live off of the shores of the Province of Canute that have naturally infused iron into their shells making them extremely tough. Full grown ironclaws are the size of a man and there are examples reaching the size of houses. Male ironclaws tend to have larger claws while females will have a harder carapace. These can be smelted for their iron content or reworked into viable tools, weapons and armor. The meat of an ironclaw is a delicacy that is enjoyed throughout Koth. Even the number of farmed ironclaw have been reduced due to the recent Sudrekkar raids and shipping challenges.

“Ironclaw fishing is dangerous in the best of times. The Imperial Guild of Foresters has sent additional guildsmen and resources to aid our brothers and sisters as well as the people of the Rift region in these difficult circumstances. We are sorry that we cannot meet the contracted quotas from the Imperial Guild of Merchants this season, but rest assured that the assistance we have committed will ensure that other contracted quota will be met for the foreseeable future such as Snowfox pelts and Karhun. ” -Hain Karsh, Master of the Hunt of the Imperial Guild of Foresters in Vaasaro, Ikantia.

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