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Master of the Diamonds says “Come one, come all”

Greetings friends,

I am Bogatyr Tykin, Master of the Diamond for the Imperial Guild of Entertainers in the Colony of Dupree. You may know me as the “King of the Rift” or the “Blood King”. Half a world away when I was very young, I battled in the Diamonds of the Blue Rift of southwestern Koth. Were it not for an open invitation such as this, I might have wallowed in common servitude to the lumber yards of Ikantia or worse… Thus, I proclaim the Diamonds of Dupree open to all for the season throughout the landholds. Hopeful questers need only supply their skill and strength to compete. Victors may claim fame and glory in addition to trophies and gold. Champions will have the opportunity to represent Dupree in the Haelan Diamonds and possibly compete in the Imperial Seat itself!

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