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The Crimson Caravan arrives in the Valelands

Crimson’s caravan reported its arrival in Glennyth, Strathewen for high summer. Since its humble beginnings as a single crimson covered wagon after the Green Fires, Crimson’s caravan boasts some of the finest travelling merchants and goods in all the colony. But, the caravan is not just a set of shops and wares; plays, musicians, scholars and a traveling Diamond accompany this magnificent collection across the colony. Locals are welcome to setup shop or perform in the bazaars with a guild writ. Scarlet, the proprietor of the caravan, even hosts a competition for entry where she sponsors and pays the guild dues for the winners.   Questing victors are allowed to accompany the caravan until they are defeated or the caravan arrives in a town hosting one of the championship events.

“We came from humble beginnings. Hard work after the Green Fire let us buy our first wagon. My father wanted to my brother Geord to take over his business when the time came, so he named his business Crim and Sons. Unfortunately, Geord was taken when those forsaken runners came out of the woods. When my father passed, I changed the name of the caravan and put the crimson covers on all of our wagons to honor their memory.   We in the Guild have been working diligently with the legion and the Miners to complete the Belt. Between that and the paving of the Runs, we will all be more prosperous and see safer travels. Be sure to see the Raining Spaulders while we are here, they are spectacular. ” -Scarlet Crim, Mistress of the Roads for Imperial Guild of Merchants

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