The Fen Reach

The Fen Reaches represent the southeastern portion of the Imperial Colony of Dupree.  These wetlands house untold riches and dangers.

The Imperial Guild of Merchants works throughout the Reaches with excellent Guildhalls in both Dumaw and Fleuran that handle much of the sea traffic in the Gulf of Estarra and the Vine river respectively.  Connected through the Nyghtrim road along the Hymoors, the two cities enjoy prosperous trade.  Dumaw enjoys trade with Dupree Proper through the inner port of Seastar and the merr of Bryn’Var as well as the many local lizardmyn tribes of both green and black scales. Fleuran boasts limited trade with the Canton of Urim, one of the areas of the Ordan Annex of Aethrys to the south across the Vine.  Blackships do occasionally visit Fleuran but the Ruzlan Accords with Aethrys prohibit their berthing.

The Imperial Guild of Foresters hunts many different creatures in the wetlands as well as harvesting rare and valuable plants native to the region.  There are large Guildhalls in both Trilles and Grenning where dense lumber is milled from the Blackknots and the Greenburm.

With the new addition of a full Diamond in Dumaw adding to the draw of the Stars Dance Theatre and the Bannerette press, the Imperial Guild of Entertainers maintains a rather visible presence in the Reaches.

Exotic and powerful components draw Mages of the Imperial Guild to the Reaches.  Strange creatures and rumors of not one but two dragons intrigue many.  Ruins sunken in the wetlands and off the shores of the the Gulf of Estarra and the mysterious Bone Reef jealously guarded by the merr and lizardmyn alike hide many mysteries.  A large Guildhall in Ossuar serves those in the region.

Imperial Slavers hunt for wild lizardmen, tresspassing Aethryns and lawless brigands throughout the region and with markets in both Dumaw and Fleuran.

What little business the Imperial Guild of Miners does here occurs in and under the Hymoors and is processed in the Guildhall in Grenning.

Here is a more detailed map of the Region known as the Fen Reach.


The Landsgraves of the Fen Reaches

 Hymner Morassa

Landsgrave Aria Hymner


 Furst Verath

Landsgrave Colin Furst


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