The Kothites


The Kothites are a race of immortal beings that forged the Empire of Koth from the disparate lands and people of the largest landmass on Urth over five millennia ago.

Most Kothites bear the traits of the humans of Koth but Kothites may appear to be members of the varied races of Urth, from the nulvari of the Hidden Province, to the ikonesti of the Blue Rift, to the jann of the Endless Sands or the wandrakin of the Tarnri as many have taken mortal consorts over the long years.

Twelve of their number are known collectively as the Numyn, towering above the rest as mothers and fathers, absolute rulers of their domains.  Numyn form a court above the Council of Kings and the Council of Guilds.  Below the Numyn are Potentates that hold sway over other powerful factions such as the High Hunter and the High Maker.   Those that share their blood hold positions as High Lords and Ladies of Koth.


The Numyn of Koth

Emperor Maximillian III
Grand Perceptor Iolanthe
Grand Marshal Korovo
Archduke Ammertus
Archduke Evard
Archduchess Phendra
Archduchess Quaya
Archduchess Shandra
Archduke Xentine
Archduchess Cassamyr
Archduke Berreth
Archduchess Rhal