Archduchess Quaya

The Grand Phantasy, The Mistress of Mist

Among the eternals of Koth, Archduchess Quaya is the most progressive and forward thinking.  She embraces new ideas, adopts new methods and promotes change more than any other of the Numyn.  The Grand Phantasy championed the establishment of imperial centers of learning, universities, colleges and the like throughout the Eternal Empire, eventually building the Inova, the grandest center of learning in all of Urth where the greatest minds of Koth are brought together to advance the knowledge of all.  It is said that Quaya hand picks each applicant to the Inova.  In addition, Archduchess Quaya built a system of Retreats across the breadth of Koth, places of great beauty and safety where citizens can rest and enjoy the grandeur of Koth.  Every citizen of Koth is allowed one visit to a Retreat free of charge during their lifetime.  The Mistress of the Mists was also responsible for creating the Grand Disciplines of Koth in collaboration with Berreth and Cassamyr, establishing a common system of learning and teaching which eventually led to the education of the whole of Koth.

Given her penchant for public works and civil benefits, it is easy to forget the fierce Numyn who tamed the mysterious Mists of Albyon, strange magical mists that pervade the entire province once rumored to be haunted are now known to be infused with exotic Quixis, a mystical metal that flows like water which can poison the bodies and minds of those exposed to it as well as hold aloft the mighty Sky Spires once belonging to the Titans of Koth.  Quaya liberated the Soaring Spires from their gigantic overlords.  She also thwarted the infestation of the Elsings, phantasmal duplicates of mortals, and led the War of the Mysts with her personal Legion, the Grand Reverie, against the Phantasms of Nod.  The War of the Myst came to its end when Quaya and the Grand Reverie sacked the Demesne of Quasim itself where she maintains a foothold for the Empire in the Realm of Dreams.

Archduchess Quaya holds sway over the Imperial Province of Albyon in south central Koth, which includes the Heartlands.  She adds a silvery gossamer gown of quixis over her red robes of office that she forms beautiful and exotic images upon.  She is rarely seen without her tamed nathairamurr, an albyan mist serpent, named Ylphe.

The third month in the Imperial Year is known as Quayaran after Achduchess Quaya.

*Sigil drawn by Jesse Monego