Archduke Ammertus

The Sigil of Ammertus


The Grand Fury, The Dread Conqueror

Archduke Ammertus was instrumental, along with Grand Marshal Korovo, in establishing the Imperial Legions  and conquering the more barbaric peoples of Koth during the Adamant Reign of Maximillian I.  It is oft thought that while Grand Marshal Korovo is the superior strategist and more skilled warrior, no other Kothite, save Maximillian, could stand against Ammertus’ full fury.  Well known for his blazing red hair and the seeming unkept style he keeps it in, the Archduke of the Colonies inspires what can only be described as unyielding passion in his allies and undeniable dread in his enemies.  Archduke Ammertus is always found in his crimson battle robes, infused with exotic irons from the Imperial Province of Canute trimmed in golden flames.  Archduke Ammertus maintains a personal Legion known as the Dread Legion, one of the most feared military units on Urth.

Following the Grand Union, the Numyn passed the crown from Maximillian I to Ammertus II and the Black Flame spread across the Urth.  Many new Legions were established to conquer in the name of Koth: the Mindori Legion reached across the Sea of Strife, subjugating the Isles of Kaduul’s Web; the Kentogeni Legion established the Colony of Felisar in the Dominion of Pantera and was nearly successful in severing the Manticore’s Tail, a peninsula of dangerous jagged mountains anchored to Kentogen that drifts across the Sea of Strife; the Northern Fleet or Blue Sails captured many of the Rinna, floating islands used by the Dominion to invade others and defend their coast; the Ordan Legion fought against the great hordes and established outposts across the Sea of Storms and the Shattered Isles with the Western Fleet or the Black Sails; the Eastern Fleet or Gold Sails established outposts across the Barrier Arc, islands bordering the legendary Abyssmal Sea.  But nearly a thousand years of bloody wars did not bring the fierce and ancient realms of Urth completely to heel and so the Numyn returned the crown to Maximillian naming him Maximillian III.

The loss of the Imperial Colony of Felisar in Kentogen caused quite a stir, but the the expansion of imperial occupation from the colony of Aquenyras in what once was the Throne of Arcan to the establishment of the second imperial colony on Orda known as Pyrenar in what once was the Throne of Firranos.  In addition, the founding of the colony of Dupree in Haelos further expanded the influence of Koth and the Dread Conqueror himself.

The twelfth month of the Imperial Year is named Ammeron after the Archduke Ammertus.

*Sigil drawn by Jesse Monego