Emperor Maximillian III

The Sigil of the Maximillian III


The Adamant One, His Resplendent Majesty

Known to be the mightiest of the immortal Kothites, Emperor Maximillian has ruled the Eternal Empire for the last 3 millennia.  Maximillian united the lands of Koth as Maximillian I.  He ruled for over 1000 years, through what is now known as the Adamant Reign, as the will of the Kothites spread across the continent of Koth.  Once the Empire reached from the Abyssmal Sea to the Sea of Storms, from the Sea of Strife to the Sea of Glass, Maximillian I stepped down from the Imperial Seat and Ammertus, The Dread Conqueror, ascended to the throne as Ammertus II who ruled Koth during the Dread Reign for nearly 1000 years, when the shadow of the Black Flame fell upon all of the known lands.  Maximillian once again ascended to the Imperial Seat as Maximillian III, His Resplendent Majesty, where he holds court wearing signature black robes.  Maximillian III is said to possess powers greater than those of the elder races of old, such as true dragons, legendary giants, primal shifters, sovereign elementals or enigmatic eyes.  The Emperor maintains two personal Legions known as the Adamant Legion and the Resplendent Legion.

During his first reign, Maximillian untied all the lands of Koth under the banner of the Kothites.  He established the Council of Kings, the Council of Guilds and the Maxims Imperatus.  During his second reign, Maximillian completed the Grand Wae, a series of canals and locks that connect the inland sea, also known as the Sea of Light, to both the Sea of Strife in the north and the Sea of Glass in the south.  The Imperial Colony of Dupree is a recent feather in Maximillian’s crown, bringing the will of Koth to the distant and wondrous continent of Haelos made possible by the commission of the mighty Black Ships.  Black Ships are Juggernaut class warships made of alchemically treated ironwood which gives them their distinct deep black hue and indestructible hulls.  These massive warships are capable of traversing the center of the Abyssmal Sea able to carry a 5000 man brigade of Imperial Legionnaires or colonial supplies and tribute, armed with arcane ballistae and capable of amazing speeds.

The first month in the Imperial Year is known as Maxiron after Maximillian.


*Sigil drawn by Jesse Monego