Grand Marshal Korovo


The Grand Marshal, The Gilded Champion


Grand Marshal Korovo established the Imperial Legions under Maximillian I, leading them in the conquest of the Provinces over five millennia ago that brought together the far flung lands of Koth in the Grand Union.  The tactics, strategies and teachings of Korovo form the basis of the military arts throughout the Eternal Empire.  His many works include the Marshal’s Mantra and the Codex of Arms.  In all of recorded history, forces under the command of the Gilded Champion have never met defeat.  Even the mighty titans of Koth fell or fled before the might of the Grand Marshal when he liberated the land from their tyranny.  Stone goliaths linger above the great Ice Bridge of Georwell, the gates of Rignhall, the Blood Road in Canute, the fissures of the Sand Sea, the Mirrorstones of Telzar, the shores of the Sea of Light and more.  Korovo stood resolute beside Maximillian through both his reigns and the time between during which the title of Grand Marshal was held by Phendra, the Ardor of the Black Flame.

The Gilded Champion and the legions of Koth fought many threats to the peoples of the Eternal Empire through the ages such as the barbaric forces of the Maddened Horde, the strange Fae and their untamed beasts in the Wild Wars, the elemental swarms of the Scarred Invasion, the armies of the Creeping Pit, the Sudrekkar of Hoarduun’s Breath and the Unbroken of the four Wars of the Mountains.

The Grand Marshal’s signature robes are bordered by black metallic flames which function as grieves and paldrons infused with adamant while his golden robe is infused with Laastan gold providing it with a seemless metallic appearance.    Korovo carries a single weapon- Lustrial, a long straight golden blade with a simple and elegant hilt inlaid with adamant.  The blade has carried the Eternal Flame in battle on a number of occasions.

The third month in the Imperial Year is known as Korovon after Grand Marshal Korovo.


*Sigil drawn by Jesse Monego