Grand Perceptor Iolanthe

The Sigil of Iolanthe


The Grand Perceptor, The Golden Seer

Grand Perceptor Iolanthe is perhaps the most influential of the Kothites, not because she inspires more fear, loyalty or love than any other Kothite, but because she seems to be aware of everything.  Her counsel is treasured beyond measure throughout the lands of Koth.  Iolanthe is well known to advise all of the Kothites, the Council of Kings and the Council of Guilds.  Her knowledge and awareness are given as much credit for the forging of the Eternal Empire as the will of Maximillian, the rage of Ammertus or the military brilliance of Korovo.  For as many battles as Koth has won in the more than five millennia of its dominance, no one is sure of the countless battles that never had to be fought because of Iolanthe’s keen gifts.  The Grand Perceptor has stood at the side of Maximillian through  both his reigns, only stepping aside when Archduke Evard wore the mantle during the Dread Reign of Ammertus II.

Iolanthe’s sight served to foil many attempted invasions of the Eternal Lands including the Sudrekkar, the Blightstorms and the Visceran.  She was instrumental in hunting the renegade titans and behemoths that once plagued the lands.  Today, through the various Guilds, Iolanthe orchestrates a symphony of spies and covert agents across Urth ending threats before they do harm.

The Golden Seer of Koth is the mother of several Potentates of Koth.  When Maximillian returned to the Imperial Seat as Maximillian III, Grand Perceptor Iolanthe joined with him producing High Princess Endellian.  Later, she would join with Archduke Berreth, begetting High Hunter Lovak. Her only known scion without a Kothite father comes from Xevar, the last Pharaoh of the great Sand Mages of Kufu, High Inquisitor Laernan Zaphre.

The Grand Perceptor’s signature robes are bordered by glistening red flames and infused with exotic gold from the Imperial Province of Lorrach. She favors infused glass jewelry and is oft found with orbs and lenses in her possession.

The second month in the Imperial Year is known as Iolaran after Grand Perceptor Iolanthe.

*Sigil drawn by Jesse Monego