The Meadowlands

Located at the western edge of the Imperial Colony of Dupree, this area produces more food than all other regions save the lands of Delphi in the Lochlands, which exceeds the yield of the Meadowlands per acre despite its small size.

The Imperial Guild of Foresters is the largest organization in the Meadowlands and has close ties to each of the Landsgraves under the aging Mistress of the Fields, Avelyn Roth who runs the Guildhall in Galluso.

Along the Wings of Haelos, the Imperial Guild of Miners holds sway.  The vast mineral wealth of the Wings ensure that the Order of the Deep maintains a strong presence in the western part of the Marsgrave out of the main Guildhall in Dagah.  Crystals are plentiful in the Broken Wing to the north while precious metals can be found throughout the western downs.

Imperial Slavers find plenty of errant Hidesmyn as their numbers are great throughout the Meadows. Slavers maintain a brisk trade through their main Guildhall in Dunnor.

Imperial Merchants facilitate the distribution of local goods and produce out of the Meadowlands via caravans and cargo runs along the Nagalon River from their Guildhall in Rochan.


Here is a more detailed map of the Region known as the Meadowlands.


The Landsgraves of the Meadowlands



Landsgrave Abram Voores


 Rhead-2 Rhead

Landsgrave Lodin Baar


 Kishara Kishara

Landsgrave Nehan Keesa


 NyroostHeraldry-final Nyroost

Landsgrave Helene Lang


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