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The Order of the Wheel commissioned by Governor

While masked runners continue to plague citizens throughout the colony, Governor Anton Constantine has taken a step to end this local brand of bandits. Earlier this season, Governor Constantine empowered the Order of the Wheel under Faridah Dunerider, Guildmistress of the Imperial Guild of Merchants in the colony of Dupree. The Order of the Wheel has been charged with enforcing Imperial law upon the roads, wild runs, waes and ktholes throughout the colony of Dupree. You will know a member of the order by the blazon of the Golden Wheel they wear upon their person.

“The Order of the Wheel will assist the Legion in routing out these runners. The miscreants will be marked, chained and sold to recoup the cost of their crimes. Those that resist their penance will be made examples so that all will know that the price of sedition is blood.” -Governor Anton Constantine


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