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Wanted- The Phlox

A Living Bounty of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers for any member of the Phlox who can summon a violet flame.


A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning how the Phlox summon and command their Fire Elementals known as the Burning Horde.


A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered by the House of the Healing Heart for verifiable information concerning if and how the Phlox are using the disease known as Burning Blood.
The Phlox are a renegade sect of fire aligned humanoids, believed to originally be outcasts from Pan Orda.  The Phlox claim act in the name of a fire elemental called Peryn, also known as the Royal Flame, who is a patron in the Diamonds of Aethrys.  Both Peryn and the Cantons of Aethrys have disavowed members of this sect.
The Phlox have been responsible for a number of wildfires in the Midlands, burning of farms, crops, livestock and even people throughout the area north of the Vine.  Violet flames have been seen in the Mosaic also known as the Arianna plains, south of the Vine as well.  Witnesses say that the elementals employed by the Phlox have a violet hue to their flames and that at some of the mages are capable of producing a similar flame with their magic.   Those that have a leadership position in the Phlox are known as Furors.  Rumors say that the Phlox can somehow spread the Burning Blood, a plague of Pan Ordan origin that causes the sick to literally burst into flames.

“I cannot understate the danger that the Phlox presents to the people of the colony.  The tactics employed by this foe are reprehensible!  Trust no one wielding violet flames.  General Itzliquauhtli has dispatched a special task force to deal with this threat.  Glory to Koth!”- Magus Arizara of the Haelan Legion

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