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Wanted- The Whistler

A Living Bounty of 10 Golden Laurels is offered by the Imperial Guild of Slavers.

A Tribute Free reward of 5 Golden Laurels is offered  by the Imperial Guild of Foresters and the Imperial Guild of Mages for verifiable information concerning how the Whistler commands and communicates with his animals.

Believed to be responsible for a multitude of attacks upon the servants of His Resplendant Majesty Maximillian III, the Whistler has used animals to attack many guild operated farms and mines.  He or she seems to control different animals though an unknown means to attack guild members and legionnaires.  Thus far the Whistler has employed, long haired yeren, ridgecombed galareen, angorian alligators, sand wolves and spinned hawks.

Witnesses report a person of childlike stature believed to be of fae or wandrakin in origin.  The whistler has been seen a number of times wearing a feathered pilaeus-like hat.  He or she is considered extremely dangerous and sightings should be reported to your nearest imperial guildhouse or legionnaire.

“The fun and games will soon be over for this cretin.  Better brush up on your dirges little one.  Whether it be the circus, the noose, the chain or the hundred cuts, you will be silenced!”- Guildmaster Kenzarr Devereaux of the Imperial Guild of Slavers

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