May leaves uncounted welcome you, boughs unbroken embrace you and paths untouched guide you wheresoever your heart may roam.


My name is Andelane Fabros, Journeyman of His Resplendent Majesty’s Guild of Foresters within the Colony of Dupree, and I will be your guide to the creatures, wild and wondrous, that inhabit the many lands of Urth.  My Guildmistress, Orla Windthorn, bade me share my knowledge and experience within the pages of this tome to become the sign on the trails to journeys even more adventurous than my own.


So that you may know the value of my words, I share these truths.  Two score more than four centuries before the founding of Dupree, I saw my first leaf under the canopy of the Glamoral in central Quantaine.  My family was originally from the cloud forests of Rhianna but had to move when my mother took ill in the mists.  A bowyer by trade, my father took an apprenticeship in Caer Emroiwiden where he eventually became a master bowyer.  My mother regained her health and pledged service to the House of the Healing Heart, where she remains as a Sister, providing scrolls to her Heart family and those in need.  It was she who crafted this tome, to preserve my words across the coming ages.  I can only hope they are worthy of this gift.


Though I inherited my parents steady hands, I found my spirit called away from home and took an apprenticeship under the Mistress of the Wilds where I spent decades travelling the more remote lands of Koth.  And when the opportunity to explore other lands came, I rushed to go.  I joined the forces travelling to the realms of Pan Orda and later served in the lands of Kentogen before coming here to Haelos.  Through it all, I have suffered fang and claw, horn and hoff.   I know well creatures of this Urth.  Do you know the difference between a Kruru and a Bufo, a Najae and a Haelan Lizardman?  Can you discern the alignment of a Quagga?  Have you ever faced a behemoth?  Well my many apprentices, I have.


Shall we begin?















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