The quickest lessons are oft our last…

When the shrills start, find strong shelter…  When the shrills stop, make your peace…  When the greens part, only the Heart can spare you the Void…

Here in Haelos, the Cradle of Dragons, there are many creatures that bear the blood of those fabled elders.   One such spawn is known as a galareen.   These deadly and swift predators roam in packs known as scourges through land and water.  Many a colonist met their end in the jaws or talons of these manaces.

Though there are many breeds of galareen, there are certain traits that all share.  You will know a galareen by the following:

  • Galareen are (mostly) feathered reptilian creatures.
  • Galareen are bipedal.
  • Galareen possess three fingered clawed hands, three toed clawed feet, long tails and a hard beak-with many sharp teeth.
  • Galareen are exceptionally fast runners, capable of keeping up with quagga in a sprint.
  • Galareen roam in packs known as Scourges.
  • Galareen are excellent scent hunters.
  • Galareen eat only live prey.


Native to the great wolds of Haelos, ridgeback galareen stand around 12 to 15 hands high and 30 to 40 hands long.  They possess bony blades from their forehead running down their back to the tip of their tails.  These bony blades are serrated and very sharp, capable of cutting through flesh, wood and even some metal objects.  Attacking a ridgeback from behind is a very dangerous proposition that has left many in pieces.  Ridgebacks prefer to rush their prey, cutting under or around them at the last second as their ridges tear the opponent apart.  Ridgeback trails are easy to spot and are often called ‘cuts’ by locals.


Found in the Meadowlands and the Mosaic of southeastern Haelos, thresher galareen stand 15 to 18 hands high and 40 to 50 hands long.  Threshers are known for the long scythe like blades on their tails.  Known to carve paths through the tall grasses found in their areas, threshers create what some speculate are messages and others claim to be protective symbols.  A typical adult thresher can cut limbs off of it prey as it speeds past.  The People of the Hides and lizardman repurpose thresher blades as weapons known as Threshes which can match imperial steel.


Found throughout the lands, longfoot galareen possess longer legs and larger talons on their feet than those of the other breeds standing  around 30 hands high and 75 to 100 hands long.  Longfoot are by far the fastest of the galareen species and in short spurts have been able to catch all but the fastest and most elusive prey.  Longfoot talons are gathered by People of the Hides and fashioned into piercing dagger-like weapons called Talsi.   There is thought to be one of the tribes of Hidesmyn that have even broken these monsters to use as mounts!


Found in the shallows all along the Gulf of Estarra, the larger rivers such as the Vine and the Lance, the inner seas of the Shaelashal and Korshal as well as the Forbidden Coast and the deep lochs of Haelos, webbed galareen do not possess feathers, having longer snouts and wider webbed hands and feet standing 12 to 15 hands high and 36 to 40 hands long.  Their tails are generally shorter and flatter that the typical galareen.  While these galareen are still fast on land, their true speed can be seen in the waters.  The tail slap if a webbed galareen can easily cause a guildmyn to lose consciousness.  The favorite foods of the webbed galareen are dolphins and seals but they will prey on just about anything living.


Native to the mountainous Wings and Tail of Haelos as well as the Crags and the Black Pots, winged galareen possess an abundance of feathers and larger, more developed wings.  As their name suggests, these galareen are capable of gliding and short flights.  Winged galareen prefer the high grounds in fights.  Average sized winged galareen standing 9 to 12 hands tall  with wing spans of 18 to 32 hands long, are not strong enough to lift man-sized prey into the air for any significant length of time and prefer to rend their prey apart with their strong talons.  However, larger specimens have been spotted by members of the Imperial Guild of Foresters capable of hunting and lifting multiple fully armored legionnaires into the air.


The smallest galareen breed standing a mere 6 to 12 hands high and 15 to 36 hands long possesses glands that allow them to produce deadly scarlet venom capable of killing a healthy guildmyn.  Multiple scarlet tooth bites can fell a thunderfoot.  Named for the scarlet hue of the poison that they exude, these galareen are native to the Fen Reaches and Swamp of Angor.  More mature scarlettooth are capable of spitting or spraying their venom while younger scarlettoth are only able to deliver poison through their talons and fangs.  Alchemists across Haelos prize the scarlettooth venom for use as a combat poison and component in general antitoxins.