Working Heraldry


The Imperial Guild of Assassins serves the Eternal Empire of Koth by performing executions, enacting the Right of Vengeance and killing enemies of Koth and its citizens. The guild constructs gallows, guillotines, ampheres and all manner and methods of execution throughout the Eternal Empire. They are responsible for applying and enforcing the Mark of Death and Pronouncements of Death. The Guild of Assassins trains and provides services of all executioners and assassins, public and private. This includes seconds for trial by combat. In addition, the Imperial Guild of Assassins may use any means named in a legal contract to perform their kill including but not limited to all forms of magic, alchemy, weapons and creatures.

Within a territory, be it a Kingdom or Colony, the upper echelon of the Imperial Guild of Assassins consists of the Guildmaster and five other titled Masters:

  • The Master of the Guild (Guildmaster)
    • The Master of the Guild is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory. The Guildmaster is responsible for all operations, all members, all resources and all tribute of the Guild. The Guildmaster sits on the Council of Guilds for his organization, representing its interests across the territory.
  • The Master of Vengeance
    • The Master of Vengeance is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the documentation, administration, regulation and assignment of contracts.
  • The Master of Execution
    • The Master of Execution is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the administration, implementation and enforcement of Death Sentences and Death Marks.
  • The Master of the Art
    • The Master of the Art is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the administration, regulation and training of assassins, executioners and Legion Special Forces.
  • The Master of Secrets
    • The Master of Secrets is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the security and anonymity of assassins, contracts, contractors and information gathered by assassins. The Master of Secrets is often employed by other guilds to keep important guild matters quiet.
  • The Master of the Black Blade 
    • The Master of the Black Blade is the head of the Order of the Black Blade within the territory. This position makes him an officer in the Imperial Legions, typically a Lieutenant.


There are local masters and guild members throughout the territory who perform specific functions. Here are just a few:

      • The Master of the Hall
        • The Master of the Hall is responsible for running a local Guildhall. The Master of the Hall will report the Guildmaster directly, sending regular reports and ledgers to the main Guildhall.
      • Executioner
        • A member of the Guild charged with the performance of Death Sentences.
      • Slayer
        • A member of the Guild charged with enforcing Death Marks.
      • Whisper
        • A member of the Guild charged with protecting specific secrets
      • Blood Reeve
        • A member of the Guild who organizes the public displays, makes the public announcements and handles the records.


Why join the Imperial Guild of Assassins?

  • You enjoy killing.
  • You can follow a strict code of conduct.
  • You live by the old adage that two can keep a secret if one is fed to the Black Flame and the other…
  • You wish to help others through the Right of Vengeance.
  • When you enter a room, you immediately determine the quickest method to send each and every living spirit in it to a Heartstone.

Whispers about the Imperial Guild of Assassins?

  • The Guild makes up contracts to accomplish their own goals. How can the law protect you from secret contracts and people with enormous wealth having an organization of trained killers that operate essentially outside it?
  • The Guild does not need a branding iron to mark you. They can place invisible, undetectable marks on your spirit that only they can see.
  • The Guild is not just killing people, they are harvesting their spirits for some unknown purpose.
  • The Guild forces Assassins to kill their families and friends to ensure that they are loyal to only the Guild. Only when an assassin has no one and no where else to go is he brought into the greater mysteries.
  • Members of the Guild can actually travel to the Spirit Realm and slay people’s spirits. They also have a way to resurrect outside of the Heartstones.


Charter of the Imperial Assassin’s Guild


Who’s Who in the Imperial Guild of Assassins

Guildmaster/Guildmistress Kane

The Master/Mistress of the Guild is an unknown quantity. Although it is generally accepted that Kane is a male, no such proof exists. What is known, is that Kane is a master of disguise, so much so that he is able to impersonate well known personages and evade both mundane and arcane detection. Rumor has it that Kane is from either Kiru or Kodan in northern Koth. Reports of his existence reach back hundreds of years but still no one can give the same description. No one can claim to have survived an attack by the Master of the Guild. Kane has been reported to use varying weapons with almost supernatural skill, magics of varying paths and all types of alchemy.

Master of Secrets Selea Rouge

The Master of Secrets is an adult nulvari male from the Hidden Province in Vydar. Master Selea Rouge has a full head of red hair, a trait he shares with his niece, First Advisor Ceridwen Nightshade. The Master of Secrets served the Imperial Legions for many years under the banner of General Dekken Tarses as his personal Slayer in the Pan Ordan campaign. The Master of Secrets is a skilled warrior, favoring the nightblade and all forms of alchemy. Some claim that Master Selea also knows the magic as well, but no one can prove such a claim. One thing is certain, Guildmaster Aurellius Lightstar and the Master of Secrets have a long history together, though the details of that history are hidden deep in the elemental continent.

Mistress of Execution Seraphine Nar’ol

The Mistress of Execution is an adult pyresti woman from the sands of Pyrestan in Scythia. Mistress Nar’ol is well known for the large dynamic fire mark that dominates the right side of her face. The mark has been known to change shape and size but not why.  The Mistress of Execution is known to be skilled in all things of fire, from qualifying as a pyromancer in the Imperial Guild of Mages, to an accomplished alchemist specializing in all manner of fiery alchemy, to using her innate elemental connection to produce conflagrations capable of harming fire elementals.   An expert in wasteland survival, Mistress Nar’ol hunted the marked across the Urth for the Imperial Guild of Assassins.  Unquestionably, her preferred method of execution is by torch.  It is said that she still hunts those marked for death from before the Green Fires across the land.  She believes that many fled to the Heaves, the Crags and the Thirst.