Charter of the Imperial Guild of Assassins

Imperial Charter- Guild of Assassins1

Let it be known, throughout all the realms of Urth, that His Imperial Majesty, the Resplendent Emperor Maximillian III, Absolute Ruler of the Eternal Empire of Koth, declares the establishment of the Imperial Guild of Assassins.

The Guild of Assassins shall henceforth have dominion over all legal means of Execution, both Civil and Covert. This domain is all that extinguishes life, ancient or exotic, high or mundane.

The Guild of Assassins is charged with the performing the lawful execution of sentenced criminals, exterminating His Majesty’s enemies throughout the realms, providing the right of vengeance to His Majesty’s subjects, and performing Annihilations upon individuals at the request of a High Lord of Koth.

This duty is the regulation of all contracts and assassinations. A contract to slay an individual is to assure the death of that individual through resurrection or final death as required. No contract may be conducted that would involve the slaying of an individual of equal or higher rank than the contractor. Should the contracted victim be promoted to position equal or above the contractor, the contract shall be voided. Assassinations may be performed by any legal means or by any means specified in the contract. All contracts are strictly confidential, and secrecy shall be enforced.

This responsibility is the training of assassins and the enforcement of all Death Marks.

This obligation is the faithful and timely performance of assassinations, control of assassins and the elimination of wayward slayers and criminals for the greater glory of The Empire.

This commitment is the safety of The Emperor, His lands, His subject, and His interests.

His Imperial Majesty grants the Guild of Assassins the right and privilege to charge for the service of vengeance, and grants the assassin protection under the law while performing his service. By law, an assassin is protected from interference by other individuals when performing his service, but the victim may lawfully defend himself. Granted are the rights and privileges to use any means, magical or alchemical, natural or mundane to provide his service, to use any alchemy with the exception of Enslavement, unless specified in the contract, to travel beyond the territory of this Guild House and beyond the borders of The Empire, to transfer a contract to another Guild House, and to recognize the skill of assassins.

It is the solemn commitment of the Guild of Assassins to provide services, support and resources deemed necessary to The Emperor and His representatives, to uphold the laws of The Empire and to pay taxes amounting to 20% of the profit from the sale of all goods, offices and services to The Emperor or his representatives.


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