The Imperial Guild of Miners serves the Eternal Empire of Koth by harvesting useful and rare materials from the Urth, including underurth and turning them into useful items for its citizens. The guild runs mines, smithies and quarries. They are responsible for paving roads, digging ktholes and constructing all manner of works of stone and metal for the Empire, other guilds and citizens. In many places throughout the Eternal Empire, one has but to open their eyes to see the wondrous works of the Imperial Miners. The guild serves to protect the citizens of the empire from the creatures and forces from underurth, including the fabled Eyes of the Deep. Imperial Miners teach the skills of harvesting, crafting and identifying materials born of Urth and throughout the empire.

Within a territory, be it a Kingdom or Colony, the upper echelon of the Imperial Guild of Miners consists of the Guildmaster and five other titled Masters:

  • The Master of the Guild (Guildmaster)
    • The Master of the Guild is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory. The Guildmaster is responsible for all operations, all members, all resources and all tribute of the Guild. The Guildmaster sits on the Council of Guilds for his organization, representing its interests across the territory.
  • The Master of Claims
    • The Master of Claims is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the registration and enforcement of claims including issuing Miners Marks.
  • The Master of Arms
    • The Master of Arms is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the crafting of weapons and armor of all types. The Master of Arms is also responsible for maintaining the armories for the Guild, the Imperial Legions and other local forces.
  • The Master of Metal
    • The Master of Metal is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the smelting and processing of all things metal, from simple iron to precious gold to rare adamant.
  • The Master of Stone
    • The Master of Stone is the appointed leader of the Guild in the territory who oversees the cutting of all things stone, from common stone to valuable gems to strange mana crystals. The Master of Stone is also responsible for creating and planning the layout of mines.
  • The Master of the Deep 
    • The Master of the Deep is the head of the Order of the Deep within the territory. This position makes him an officer in the Imperial Legions, typically a Lieutenant.


There are local masters and guild members throughout the territory who perform specific functions. Here are just a few:

  • The Master of the Hall
    • The Master of the Hall is responsible for running a local Guildhall. The Master of the Hall will report the Guildmaster directly, sending regular reports and ledgers to the main Guildhall.
  • Prospector
    • A traveling guild member who is not attached to a specific guild hall. A prospector travels the land seeking new claims for himself and the Guild.
  • Smith 
    • A member of the guild who manufactures items of metal or stone for the citizens of Koth. Many smiths simply make everyday items like nails and tools.


Why join the Imperial Guild of Miners?

  • You like working with your hands and are not afraid of a good honest hard day’s work.
  • You seek to explore the underurth, the deepurth and all of its wonders.
  • You take pride in crafting things that will last long after you are gone.
  • You want people to respect your works.
  • You know how to buckle down and get the job done, no matter what.

Whispers about the Imperial Guild of Miners?

  • They keep the best materials, weapons and armor for themselves.
  • No one can protect us from the Eyes of the Deep but the Kothites themselves. Aren’t they the ones responsible for Maximillian I and Amertus II and Maximillian III?
  • The dig too deep and expose us all to the risks. Sure they fight against those threats, but how many of them would never have come to the surface if the Miners didn’t show them the way?
  • Some say that the Miners have secret ways into and out of every place they build or excavate. Is you wall, city or home really secure?
  • What about all of the things they take out of the ground that make us sick. I’ve heard of stones that change people, crystals that make people see things that aren’t there and the Tin Plague?


Charter of the Imperial Guild of Miners


Who’s Who in the Imperial Guild of Miners

Guildmistress Jesri Priyar

The Mistress of the Guild is a mysterious nulvari, originally from Uurathyr in the Hidden Province under Khalyn on the northeastern shores of Koth. The Guildmistress served as both Mistress of Stone and the Deep under her mother, Councilor Malina Priyar at the Deep Arch . Her expertise in all things of the Deep is respected by the Emperor himself, who recommended her to Governor Henrick Volen when the Colony of Dupree was established. In her tenure as Guildmistress of the Colony of Dupree, she has unearthed more mana gems and rare Urth then has be seen since the establishment of the colonies in Pan Orda. A warrior born, Guildmistress Priyar also has an acquaintance with the magics of Stone and brought a small kirin calvary from Koth with her.