Charter of the Imperial Guild of Miners

Let it be known, throughout all the realms of Urth, that His Imperial Majesty, the Resplendent Emperor Maximillian III, Absolute Ruler of the Eternal Empire of Koth, declares the establishment of the Imperial Guild of Miners.

The Guild of Miners shall henceforth have dominion over all things of earth and stone. This domain is all things wrought of stone, formed of metal or born of earth.

The Guild of Miners is charged with the preservation and expansion, the maintenance and guardianship of mines and minerals throughout His Majesty’s Eternal Empire.

This duty is the regulation of claims and contracts, the processing of metals and minerals, and the manufacture of arms and armaments.

This responsibility is the advancement of skill and learning within the arts of metal, stone, and all things of earth.

This obligation is the guidance of miners and tradesmen in their endeavors for the greater glory of The Empire.

This commitment is the safety of The Emperor, His lands, His subjects, and His interests.

His Imperial Majesty grants the Guild of Miners the right and privilege establish new claims, construct new tunnels, process and manufacture items of metal and stone. Granted are the rights and privileges to recognize the skill of miners and tradesmen, to purchase and trade all things of metal and stone and the materials needed to create them. Beware, for trade and commerce beyond the territory of this Guild House is the dominion of the Guild of Merchants, and violates this Charter.

His Imperial Majesty gifts the Guild of Miners with the establishment of the Order of the Deep within the Imperial Army. This Order shall serve as the Guild’s sword and shield, enforcing this Charter, and defending the interests of the Guild.

It is the solemn commitment of the Guild of Miners to provide services, support and resources deemed necessary to The Emperor and His representatives, to uphold the laws of The Empire and to pay taxes amounting to 20% of the profit from the sale of all goods, offices and services to The Emperor or His representatives.




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