Charter of the House of the Healing Heart

Imperial Charter- House of the Healing Heart1

Let it be known, throughout all the realms of Urth, that His Imperial Majesty, the Resplendent Emperor Maximillian III, Absolute Ruler of the Eternal Empire of Koth, declares the establishment of the House of the Healing Heart.

The House of the Healing Heart shall henceforth have dominion over all Spiritual magics and healing, ancient or exotic, high or mundane. This domain is all things Spiritual born of magic, wrought of magic, or imbued with magic, and all things of life and healing, magical, alchemical, natural, or mundane.

The House of the Healing Heart is charged with the preservation and expansion of healing knowledge and skill throughout His Majesty’s Eternal Empire.

This duty is the regulation of all spiritual research for incantations, sources, paths, items, and rituals.

This responsibility is the advancement of learning within the healing arts and the codification of knowledge for all ailments of flesh and spirit and their cures. It shall also include the research into alchemical healing, curing and antidotes, and natural healing skills, methods and practices.

This obligation is the guidance of all peoples, particularly those with skills in healing for the greater glory of The Heart and The Empire.

This commitment is the health and life of all people.

His Imperial Majesty endows the House of the Healing Heart with the duty of maintaining life. The House of the Healing Heart must provide resurrections, healing or curing sufficient to prevent death, free of charge to all Citizens and Residents of The Eternal Empire. The House of the Healing Heart has the right and privilege to charge for healing services, both high and mundane beyond the prevention of death. Granted are the rights and privileges to recognize the skill of healers, to purchase and trade all things spiritual or healing within their jurisdiction and the materials needed to make them so.

His Imperial Majesty recognizes the noble powers and privileges of the Royal Order of the Sun throughout all the realms of His Glorious Empire. This Order shall serve as the shield of the House, defending this Charter, and upholding the principles of the House of the Healing Heart. All lands and properties of the Heart be they country or house shall be one with the Heartland in all things.

It is the solemn commitment of the House of the Healing Heart to provide services, support and resources deemed necessary to The Emperor and His representatives, and to uphold the laws of The Empire.

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