Tribe of the Moon


The Tribe of the Moon is a strange collection of different peoples across the continent of Haelos whose members bear a stylized star and crescent marking on their face.  Some claim that this is the mark of a being known as Lunimar.  Some claim that it is the mark of an ancient line of elves, native to Haelos.  Some claim that it is a mark of power from an ancient source of Orda.  Some claim that it is the blazon of their first Elder.  Others still maintain that Tribe serves the great Dragon of the Moon.  No one tale can be found and each group espouses its own version of their collective history.

Members of the Tribe of the Moon are generally met with suspicion throughout the Koth Colony of Dupree, the Mindori See of Medea and the Ordan Annex of Aethrys.  Some of those who bear the marking of the moon have raised arms against the powers that rule these lands, yet widespread or official action against those that call themselves members has not been organized, at least on Haelos.  One is just as likely to find lizardmen and merr, dwarves and elves, ikonesti and pyresti, humans and changelings who bear the mark of the moon.  No matter their ties of blood, those that have the mark call each other kin.  The color, position and facing of the mark seem to have some special significance to those within the Tribe of the Moon.

There seem to be different groups of the Tribe of the Moon across the lands, like the Tribe of the Bright Moon found around the Gulf of Estarra, the Tribe of the Song Moon found south of the Vine and the Tribe of the Howling Moon found above the Broken Wing.  There are rumors of those who bear the mark of the Moon in Pan Orda, Kentogen and even in Koth.

The following marks represent the majority of known markings of the Tribe of the Moon.  The color, position and facing of the mark seem to have some special significance and there have been instances where the typical colors and marking have varied.

The Children of Lunimar

This is by far the most common of the marks of the Tribes of the Moon.  The typical mark of the Children is a grey outer crescent and white inner crescent with a black star.  Those that bear this mark embrace the Tenants more or less equally and are considered the typical member of this sect.

The Warriors of Amaris

Those bearing this mark as more often called  Warriors of the Wild.  The Warriors mark makes up the next most common group of the Tribe.  The typical mark of the Warrior is a jet black outer crescent with a grey inner crescent and a white star.  The Black Marks are considered more radical members of the sect, advocating violence against their enemies and the destruction of those that ignore the Tenants.  Fireside tales whisper that Amaris, also known as the Dark Lady,  is the daughter of Lunimar.

The Heirs of Caelis

The Heirs represent the smallest number within the main sect.  The typical mark of the Heirs is a white outer crescent and black inner crescent with a grey star.  Those that bear this mark are the most moderate members of the sect, advocating negotiations and more peaceful solutions.   Heirs often advocate following the spirit of the Tenants rather than the letter.  Tribe stories claim that Caelis, also known as the Shining One, is the son of Lunimar.

Marks of other colors are said to exist.  Not much is known of these markings as they seem to be little more than rumor and the stuff of fireside stories to most.  When they are discussed one has a sense that these marks perform specialized functions rather than represent a fundamental philosophy:

The Elders of the Tribes

The mark of the Elder is said to be a blue outer crescent with a grey inner crescent and a white star.  Each of the named Tribes professes to have an Elder who bears this mark.  Elders lead their tribes, guiding their members, performing their strange rites, meeting out their particular brand of justice and holding their community together.

The Hunters in the Night

There are a number of rumors concerning the appearance of this mark.  Specifically, it is said that the outlaw known as the Hunter in Green bears such a mark upon her face.  Those that have seen her describe the mark as a red outer crescent with a black inner crescent and a grey star.  Hunters are said to track down errant Tribe members, punishing them for transgressions.  Still others maintain that Hunters stalk what they call the ‘Evils of Man’.

The Guardians of the Green

In tales, the typical mark of the Guardians is a green outer crescent with a white inner crescent and  a black star.  The Guardians are said to be charged by their patron with the protection of nature and a being known to them as the Green Lady.  There is much conjecture that those with this mark work with the elusive Great Circle.

The Chosen of the Moon

Ancient Tribe lore speaks of this mark as denoting mortals given power by Lunimar, the Green Lady or a being known as the Shaman.  Tales tell of those who possess a gold outer crescent having the powers of the Great Beasts of old.


Why join the Tribe of the Moon?

  • To you there are things more important than politics, power or even blood.
  • You stand on the outside of the societies of the Eternal Empire, the Cantons of Orda, and others, doing what is needed when it is needed regardless of the cost.
  • The mark on your face is a bold reminder that you have made a choice to uphold the Tenets above all else.  There is no hiding what you stand for and you would not have it any other way.
  • You are at home out in the great green lands, among the wild beasts; following paths illuminated by the light of the moon.
  • The old stories are true!  This land lives and you are one of her guardians.

Whispers about the Tribe of the Moon?

  • The being known as Lunimar is really an ancient dragon whose scales are like moonstones, both bright and dark, depending on the angle, the light or perhaps its mood.
  • Tribesmyn are just anarchists and rebels that found some ancient power brand.  There is no Lunimar.  It is all fictitious, superstitious nonsense to frighten the locals and weak minded.
  • These Tribes act in secret across every realm of Urth.  Who or what do they really serve?  They act as an army, a family and a government.
  • Tribesmyn perform strange rites under the light and dark of the moon that only they know the meaning of.  The Imperial Guild of Mages should learn their strange magics so the Empire can harness their power or destroy them.
  • The Tribe of the Moon takes people from their homes, kidnapping them and forcing them to join by branding them and using their strange and wild ways to make those they take into loyal soldiers and agents.  The marks serve to enslave those who bear them to the will of their Elders or bind their spirits to whatever it is they serve.

The Tenants of Tribe

Defend the Weak
Destroy the Unnatural
Nurture the Innocent
Embrace Freedom
Preserve the Green
Uphold the Balance
Banish the Evils of Man

Who’s Who in the Tribe of the Moon

The Hunter in Green

The Hunter in Green is said to be a silvani woman who roams the lands of northern Haelos bearing the red mark of the Tribe on her face beneath her signature green cloak.  Her legend can be traced back before the establishment of the penal colony and she has never given a name to any who have encountered her.  Equal part savior and villain, the Hunter in Green is credited with as many acts of benevolence throughout the frontier of the colony as acts of aggression.  From slaying vile creatures preying on small communities to maiming Imperial Legionnaires and Guildmyn, the Hunter in Green is said to be a ghost of the woods, whose aim with a bow and arrow rival the legends of the Urth’s Diamonds or Idols of Koth.

Shaemus Greylore

Rumors hold that the Elder of the Tribe of the Bright Moon is a old human bearing a silver mark of the moon and a crippled leg.  With his silverwood staff to help him walk, Shaemus Greylore seems to be everywhere at once, dispensing wisdom and guiding the younger members of Tribe.  Tales of Shaemus’ magical powers abound, even going as far as suggesting that he is a descendant of Luminar himself as he wields the mysterious magics of the moon.

Elan Silvertip

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